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Sister, Sister

             ...As she steps out of the car, tears race down both sides of my face. I place my hand on my stomach. I feel like someone just kicked the air out of me. As I watch my sister walk inside the clinic, I slowly pull off. I’m trying my best not to judge her; not to hate her for decisions that aren’t mine to make. But I can’t help but feel angry and insensitive... (read full story)


             ...I can’t force my eyes to look in any other direction. She looks finer than she did the day I first laid eyes on her. I called her here so that I could apologize. She deserves an apology for the way things went down between us. But I don’t want to leave here and walk separate ways. I’ve missed her. And seeing her like this makes me want to beg for a second chance.... (read full story)

It's Called Love

             ...I see him as he walks through the door. My nerves force trembles out of me. As he approaches my table, my stomach drops. His expression reveals anger. It’s been four years. How could he still be holding on to so much anger after all this time?
            I stand as he pulls out a seat. I attempt to hug him, but he quickly sits down. I silently pray that no one witnessed the rejection and take my seat... (
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Family Affair

             ...I grip his hand as we walk up the driveway.
            “You seem nervous.”
            “I hate family gatherings. They always seem so fake to me.”
            “Then why are we here?”
            “Because my father is sick,” I respond quickly. “I’m here to see my dad.”... (
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Just Another One

             ...As I help my mother into her jacket, I glance over at a picture of my brother and me from
years ago. I silently wonder what went wrong. We pretty much share the same face, we shared the same womb, we grew up in the same house. How can we be so different?... (
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A Little Too Late

             ...I nervously tap my French manicured nails on the kitchen table. I don’t need anyone to tell me I did something wrong. I know I did. When you need help confronting your own child, without a doubt, you took a wrong turn somewhere... (read full story)


             ...I squeeze her trembling hand tightly. Though my body wants to shake just as much as hers is, I compose myself. I hide my nerves. I remain strong for my love. My strength is what’s going to get her through this.
            The double doors swing open, and a cold draft forces us both to shutter. We’ve been here... (
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In Love With A Married Man (Mature Content)
             ...I move in slowly and our lips meet. The feeling he gives me is so addictive. It’s the only reason I’ve played a role in this emotional and heartbreaking cycle.
            His hands move to my breasts. His lips to my neck. His kisses soft, his touches erotic. Every touch, every kiss, an apology. Insincere apologies for lying to me for so long... (
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Jungle Fever (Mature Content)

             ...“I know that. Men are still human. I’ve just dealt with men that have too many insecurities. The ones who lie to make themselves look better, but the lies catch up to them. The ones who damn near pop a blood vessel when another man says hello. The ones who are threatened by my education. Dealing with men like that feels more like a full time job than a relationship... (read full story)

Mystery Man (Mature Content)

             ...I turn to my back and look up at the ceiling. I feel bad about encouraging her to drink past her limit so that she’ll sleep heavier than she normally does. I feel bad about lying to her. I told her that I couldn’t drive home because I overdid it a little myself. I’m not even tipsy. 
            Mostly I feel bad about lying to her about my mystery man... (
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Secret Desires (Mature Content)

             ...She unclasps my bra and uses both hands to slowly pull it from my chest. The exposure is uncomfortable for me. The sounds of my husband fidgeting in his chair are even more uncomfortable.
            Her left hand holds onto my right as her right hand moves up to my left breast. Her hand is soft. Her touch so confident, yet so careful... (
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Hooked (Mature Content)

             ...I gag repetitively. My entire body is trembling. I rummage through my things. Through my jewelry box, through my top drawers, through the jeans I wore yesterday, through everything. But there’s nothing. Nothing here. 
            I lie down on the floor and hold my stomach. Every second that passes feels like an hour. My nausea worsening with every breath I take... (
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