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In Love With A Married Man (Mature Content) 
Written By: Tammy Ferebee

            The knock is soft. One I can barely hear. I slowly bring myself to my feet and walk over to open my front door.
            “Sleeping huh?”
            “I dosed off for a minute.”
            He walks past me. “You don’t look happy to see me.” 
            I close the door softly and walk back over to the couch.
            “Why the unhappy face?”
            “I’m tired. And we talked about this. I don’t want to be juggled like this anymore. I’m tired of being your 2am call girl.”
            “Give me some time Reese. Let me figure some things out. I told you, I’m getting out of this marriage. I just need some time.”
            “You said you needed time a year ago. Just how much time do you need? Just how stupid do you think I am?”
            He walks over to stand in front of me. “Let’s not fight. Not tonight.”
            I turn away from him. Away from his erection. Away from those eyes that get me every time.
            He sits aside me. “Come on. Look at me.”
            I do. I look into those eyes and weaken.
            “Forgive me?” he asks softly.
            I move in slowly and our lips meet. The feeling he gives me is so addictive. It’s the only reason I’ve played a role in this emotional and heartbreaking cycle.
            His hands move to my breasts. His lips to my neck. His kisses soft, his touches erotic. Every touch, every kiss, an apology. Insincere apologies for lying to me for so long.
            My hands move to his muscle. I lower his sweats and massage him slowly. His moans make me smile. As much as he hurts me, pleasing him makes me happy.
            I lie back slowly and pull his body on top of mine. We moan together as our tongues dance. His hands explore my body and then finally find their way to my heat.
            “Mmm,” he expresses softly.
            He pushes my lace panties to the side and enters me. He moves in and out of me slowly. Each stroke deeper than the one before. My moans get louder. His strokes deeper. Harder. 
            I massage his lower back as he gives me a feeling that makes up for the tears I cry each time he leaves me to go home to his wife.
            He brings his right hand to my neck. He grips it tightly. His moans louder. My orgasm closer. 
            “Come on baby. I can’t come until you do.”
            He continues to move in and out of me. I close my eyes as my muscles tighten. I grip his biceps and enjoy the feeling I’ve waited all week for. 
            “I love to watch you come.”
             As my body involuntarily twitches, he relaxes himself and allows for his orgasm to take him over. 
             I watch him closely. As his unborn children enter me, I ask myself, how can I love a man that I know I’ll never be able to call my own?
             His eyes open and find mine. “What’s wrong?” 
             I shake my head as he pulls his flaccidity out of me.
            “Something’s bothering you Reeses Pieces.”
            “Can you stay?”
            “Not tonight, love.”
            “Not even for a little while?”
             He stands and pulls his sweats back up around his waist. “I can’t, babe. Gotta go home and pack. I have to leave for a business trip tomorrow morning.”
            “Where are you going?”
            “For how long?”
            “A week.”
             I look down at my hands. I’m noticing that as time goes on, his visits get shorter.
            “I gotta head out, love.”
            “Mm-hmm,” I reply softly. I fear that tears will fall if I look him in the eye. 
            “Can I have a kiss?”
             I shake my head slowly.
            “Well, I’ll see you when I get back, okay?”
             I keep my head lowered and offer no type of response.
             As he heads for the door, the tears form in my eyes. When the door slams shut, they fall. A familiar feeling returns. A feeling of abandonment. A feeling of heartache. A feeling I’ll continue to feel as long as I remain in love with a married man.

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