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Mystery Man (Mature Content)
Written By: Tammy Ferebee

            “You look uncomfortable.”
            “I am. She’s right across the hall.”
            “She won’t hear us. She’s passed out.”
            He brings his hand to my cheek; pushes my curls back. 
            “I don’t know about this, Mark.” My voice low.
            He brings his lips to mine. He offers a kiss and I accept it.
            “She aint waking up. Trust me.”
            “Maybe we should go downstairs. Just in case, you know. She was just a little drunk. She isn’t comatose.”
            He climbs on top of me. His eyes on mine. “I can’t wait any longer.”
            His erection confirms that for me.
            “Do you know how long it’s been since I've last touched you? I’ve missed you. I’ve missed the hell out of you.”
            My hands massage his back. My eyes don’t look away from his. I can see the sincerity in them. I can hear it in his voice.
            “I’ve missed you, too.”
            We kiss as he enters me. My hands move up and down his back side. My nails dig into his skin. His strokes are deep. His movements fast. 
            Moans escape me. Moans I tried to keep in.
            “Shhh,” he smothers my moans with a kiss. 
            I move with him, take my tongue to his neck; show him that he’s not only missed me, but that I’ve really, really, missed him.
            I push him to his back and mount him. I look into those dark browns and smile as I move slowly.
            His hands move from my waist up to my breasts. He cups them both; moans as I do.
            I slowly ride him. I watch him as he enjoys me in his favorite position.
            Our moans are low. Soft and pleasure filled.
            I answer him in between moans.
            “Assume the position. I gotta see that ass.”
            I do. I move to the edge of the bed and assume another of his favorite positions. He gets off of the bed and anxiously reenters me. Our bodies clap loudly. My moans loud. His too.
            I bury my face into his pillow top mattress. My moans become smothered screams of pleasure.
            His grip tightens. His breathing becomes more rapid. His pelvic thrusts less voluntary.
            As he ejaculates, my moans soften. Though I didn’t reach orgasm, I’m not at all unsatisfied.
            His muscle softens inside of me. I remain on all fours until he pulls out.
            “Girl, you don’t have any idea how much I’ve missed this ass.”
            I roll to my side and smile. I smile at a man I know I shouldn’t have feelings for, but do.
            He sits on the side of the bed and looks over at me. “Wanna take a shower with me?”
            I shake my head. “No. I need to head back across the hall.”
            He nods. 
            I slip back inside my panties and throw my tee shirt back on.
            “No kiss?” he asks as I head for the door.
            I walk over to where he is sitting and kiss his lips softly.
            “See you in the morning, beautiful.”
            I slowly pull his bedroom door open and close it softly. My heart is racing. 
            I open my best friend’s bedroom door and tiptoe to the unoccupied side of the bed. As I climb into bed with her, I look at her peaceful face. I think about what an amazing friend she is to me. How much she trusts me. How much she’s done for me.
            I turn to my back and look up at the ceiling. I feel bad about encouraging her to drink past her limit so that she’ll sleep heavier than she normally does. I feel bad about lying to her. I told her that I couldn’t drive home because I overdid it a little myself. I’m not even tipsy. 
            Mostly I feel bad about lying to her about my mystery man. I couldn’t imagine her still wanting to be friends if she found out that the man I’ve been telling her about for the past year is actually her father.

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