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Jungle Fever (Mature Content)
Written By: Tammy Ferebee

             He takes my hand in his. “Why do you look so nervous?”      
             “Because I am.”          
             “I thought you wanted to do this.”
             “I do. This is just new for me. I actually didn’t think I’d be so nervous.” 
             “It’s okay. I’ll work those nerves out of you.”
               I chuckle nervously. 
             “There’s something about you, Chris.”
             “What do you mean?”
               I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know. There’s something different about you. You make me feel different.”        
             “Different? Is it the white thing?”         
             “You being white might be why I’m a little nervous, but there’s something else about you that makes me feel…” I sigh. “I can’t explain how I feel, but I like it.”        
             “Well if you like it, I love it.”
              We smile at one another.
             “It’s new. Everything about this feels really new. I think that’s what it is.”
             “New is good.”
             “I feel like I’ve dated the same guy over, and over, and over again. You’re everything I wasn’t looking for, but turned out to be the most compatible with me of all the guys I’ve ever dated.”
             “I’m surprised, because your list is ridiculous.”
             “It’s not a list. Everyone has preferences. I’m just looking for a man. A real man. An intellectual, someone who can hold onto a job, someone who isn’t easily intimidated by an independent woman. All I want is someone secure in who they are. I’m tired of dealing with insecure men.” 
             “Everyone has their insecurities, baby.”
             “I know that. Men are still human. I’ve just dealt with men that have too many insecurities. The ones who lie to make themselves look better, but the lies catch up to them. The ones who damn near pop a blood vessel when another man says hello. The ones who are threatened by my education. Dealing with men like that feels more like a full time job than a relationship.
             He shakes his head.
             “It’s as bad as it sounds. That’s why I decided to stop limiting myself to black men. Everything black aint beautiful.”
             “You’re beautiful.”
             I smile. “And so are you.”
             He kisses me and I melt. I’ve never looked so forward to kissing someone. Every kiss makes me look forward to the next one. Every kiss makes me want to take things further. I only hope that after tonight, I feel the same way about the sex.
             “I wanna show you something upstairs.”
             “So why’d you bring me back down here.”
             “Because what’s upstairs is not the only reason I invited you here.”
             I smile as we walk hand in hand back up his white carpeted staircase. We walk through his master bedroom into the master bath. 
             “Adjust the temp.”
             I look at him and then back at his jacuzzi tub. “Are you serious?”
             “Very. Why? You don’t want to soak with me?” 
             I chuckle. “You’re cute.”
             I bend and turn on a very warm mixture.
             “You forgot something,” I say as I dry my hands.
             “Uh-uh, I got bubble bath.”
             “I meant the rose petals.”
             We laugh.
             “I never really understood putting rose petals in the bathtub, but I’m noting that you like them.”
             “No, I was joking. That’s just unnecessary cleanup. Bubbles are enough.”
             As the tub fills, I wait for Chris to undress himself.
             “Come here.” His volume almost a whisper.
             I slowly walk over to the man I can’t wait to claim as my own. 
             “Turn around.”
             I do.
             He slowly unzips my very little black dress and pulls it from my body.
             “You have a beautiful body.”
             “Thank you. I put in the work.”
             “Running does the body good.”
             I turn and smile at him. “Does it? I’d like to see if that works both ways. You know for men and for women.”
             He removes his button down. Underneath is a fitted beater. My eyes immediately go to his biceps.
             “You lift?”
             “Yeah, of course.”
             I nod. “Keep going. Let’s see the rest.”
             He removes his beater and I can feel my eyes widen at the sight of his abs. In a matter of seconds, he went from the hot white guy I’ve been seeing, to the sexy ass white man I can’t wait to get into bed.
             “Do you approve?”
             I slowly move my hands from his pecks down to his belt buckle. 
             “May I?”
             “Please do.” 
             I pray as I unbuckle his belt. I pray that the beauty doesn’t stop at his abs. I pray that I don’t need a microscope to see what I’ve been anxious to see for close to two months.
             As I inch his jeans down, my nerves kick back in. I nervously push his boxers down and reveal his semi hardened muscle.
             “You know I went out with this really skinny guy once. I met him at the track where I run. Anyway, we somehow ended up at his house one evening and things happened. Moving on, he was my first really skinny man, and he had so much girth. I thought it was a freak accident or something, but this must be something women just don’t know about. I always imagine small men having skinny penises.”
             “Are you really discussing an ex-boyfriend’s dick while mine is in front of you?”
             I laugh. “He wasn’t my boyfriend.”
             “So you imagined me having a skinny dick?”
             As he adds the bubble bath to the water and slows its flow, I admit that I actually expected a thinner, and much shorter penis. 
             “So I’ve surprised you quite a few times?”
             “Yes you have. You’ve also proven a lot of stereotypes to be wrong.”
             “I can’t believe you consider me to be skinny.”
             “Not skinny, but…” 
             “I don’t know. You just don’t look like this with clothes on. And because you look great with clothes on, looking better without them is a hell of a compliment.”
             He kicks out of his jeans and boxers.“I’ve taken everything you’ve said as a compliment.”
             We kiss again. His hands move up my back to my invisible strap Victoria’s Secret bra. As he unclasps my royal blue and black, my body shifts.
             “Nerves up again?”
             “I want you to feel the same way about my body that I do about yours.”
             He kisses my neck as he removes a piece of my overpriced lingerie. 
             “I already do,” he whsipers.
             He frees my breasts from their cups and I immediately try to cover myself.
             I quickly realize just how uncommon this is. I’ve never feared showing my body to any man I’ve been with behind closed doors. Why is tonight any different? Why the hell am I so worried about how I’m seen to this man? 
             “Why are you covering yourself? You look incredible.”  
             “I don’t know. You make me nervous. For some reason, I’m really worried about how you see me.”
             He slowly pulls my hands away from my chest.
             “You look three hundred percent better with no clothes on.”
             He cups my breasts and then lowers to take my left nipple in his mouth. I moan as I run my fingers through his short cut hair. 
             His hands move from my breasts, down to my waist, and stop at the lining of my panties. He looks up at me before lowering the last garment I have on.
             “Waxed. Nice. I love that.”
             “So do I. I can appreciate that you don’t have a thick forest covering the base of your dick. I think pubic hair is disgusting.”
             “It is. It holds odor.”
             He moves in very close to my bald region.
             “Smells very nice,” he compliments softly.
             He places both of his knees on the floor before placing my right leg on his left shoulder. I reach back with my left hand and grab onto the sink for balance. The moment his tongue touches my kitten, my head falls back in ecstasy. 
             I think to myself, what’s wrong with this man? Something has to be wrong with him.
             My moans bounce off the bathroom walls. I bite my lip at the feeling he’s giving me. So far, so I good I think to myself. Maybe I’ve met my match. 
             I enjoy his tongue as he enjoys me. I moan louder as his fingers join in the fun.
             I slowly open my eyes, look down at him, and then over at the bath tub.
             I gasp loudly, “The water! The bubbles!”
             He stands and quickly moves to turn the faucet off.
             He laughs. “Well shit.”
             I giggle.
             “You wanna get in?”
             I shake my head. “I wanna finish what you started.”
             He smiles and walks back over to me. Quickly he lifts me and places me on the edge of the sink. Without hesitation, he enters me. 
             His strokes are deep. His moans much louder than mine.
             I grip his biceps as he moves in and out of me quickly. As louder moans begin to escape me, his body shifts suddenly. His grip on my lower back tightens. He exhales and I begin to realize that he’s ejaculating. 
             As his orgasm slowly comes to its end, he looks at me. I smile a forced smile as I’m sure he’s embarrassed. What he promised would put me to sleep lasted a little over a minute.
             “You okay,” I ask carefully.
             “Yeah, babe. I’m good. I’m not even going to ask if you’re good. After that, I know you are.”
             As he turns to start the jets, confusion sets in. 
             “You ready to get in?” he asks.
             I nod as I walk over to the tub. As I step in, I say to myself, damn. Of all things, that’s what’s wrong with him.


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