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Secret Desires (Mature Content)
Written By: Tammy Ferebee

            “Relax sweetie.” Her voice soft. Her voice calming.
             I look over at my husband. His voyeuristic eyes aren’t comforting. 
             She moves in closer to me. Her hand brushes across mine and moves to my thigh. My body quivers.
             She leans in towards my face. Her cheek softly presses against mine as she whispers, “It’s just us. There’s no one else here. There’s no one watching.”
             I take a deep breath and watch as she leads. Her hand moves up my thigh, passes by an area I’m terrified to let her touch, and rests on my flattened stomach. 
            “Are you okay?” she questions softly.
             I nod.
             Her right hand moves up to my left breast. Her left hand rests on my right thigh.
             I want to put my hands on her. At least one. I’d like to feel the softness of her skin. I’d like to let her know, though I’m afraid, that I’m still willingly a part of this.
            Her hand moves from my breast around to my back. She squeezes the clasp on my bra. 
           “May I?”
            Again, I silently nod.
            She unclasps my bra and uses both hands to slowly pull it from my chest. The exposure is uncomfortable for me. The sounds of my husband fidgeting in his chair are even more uncomfortable.
            Her left hand holds onto my right as her right hand moves up to my left breast. Her hand is soft. Her touch so confident, yet so careful. 
            Her lips move in to my neck. Soft lips followed by a warm tongue. 
            I place my left hand on her waist. My right hand still holding onto her left.
            She looks into my eyes. I want to look away, run away from the kiss, and fight the inevitable. But I don’t. I stare back into her light browns. 
            Her right hand gently cushions the left side of my face and our lips meet. The feeling of my set of lips pressed against hers is something I never expected. The warmth, the sensuality. I didn’t expect to enjoy something I always imagined would be such a discomfort. 
            Our heads tilt in opposite directions at the same time. Our lips slowly part and my tongue moves into her mouth slowly. As we kiss, her hands explore my body. Her touches are soft. They’re delicate.  Erotic.
             I move my hands around to her back. Slowly I unclasp her bra. I free her breasts from her hot pink Victoria’s Secret c-cupped bra.
             My eyes go to her breasts. Her nipples are looking at mine. Both sets, dark and erect.
             She gently pushes me to my back. Her c’s rest against mine. Her lips meet mine again. Moans escape us as our body heat goes from warm to hot.
             My nerves are now relaxed. My hands now confident in touching her body. Everything about her is so beautiful. Her skin feels like satin against mine.
             We roll onto our sides. Our breasts still touching, our faces still close. She eases her hand down, slides it inside my panties and feels around an area she created moisture in. Her eyes focus on mine as her fingers explore that bare part of me.
              I moan.
             She slowly moves her tongue across her bottom lip as her fingers move inside. Her movements are slow. Very slow and more pleasurable than my husband’s.  
             She fingers me slowly. She eases in slowly and then back out, curving her finger at just the right moment.
             My body is trembling. I’m so close to orgasm. What takes my husband hours and multiple techniques to bring me to achieve, she’s nearly done in a matter of minutes and with just one finger.
              I continue to moan as she continues to finger please me. I bite my bottom lip and close my eyes tightly.
             “Jamilla.” The voice deeper.
              My moans fade.
             “Jamilla, you alright?”
               I open my eyes slowly. My husband is staring at me with wide, concerned eyes.
               I take a deep breath before nodding my head.
              He kisses my forehead, “Tell me about it.”
              “I don’t think I can handle this whole threesome thing. It’s getting to be too much for me. The thought alone is too much.”
              “Well I don’t want you losing sleep. If you absolutely can’t handle it, then we won’t do it.”
              “I just need more time to think about it. Tomorrow night is just too soon.”
              “Alright, babe. No rush.” 
               As he lies back down, I turn and put my back to him. At some point, I’ll have to admit my real fear. I’m not nervous about being with a woman. I’ve never been nervous about that. My real fear is enjoying it too much. Enjoying a woman more than I do my man.


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