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Vicky E- Great story... it was well written and not dirty... i think that it was awesome... continue the great work.

Phyllis Bright- Just what I expected from you, another great story. I am your fan for life and will buy your work not because of who you are to me, but because you are good at what you do........... WRITE! You are an inspiration and a very talented and gifted young lady and I love you. I am soooooooooooo proud of you!!!!! I cannot wait to read your next book, short story, etc....

Dannica C-  Hey Tammy. I heard about your site on facebook and thogugt I'd slide through and take a look. I must say, I'm very impressed. I thought your short story was so captivating and really draws your readers in. I'd like to be a writer someday. Hopefully we can network. Looking at the short story provided, I already know you'll be a bestseller. One story and I'm hooked, and girl I don't even read lol.

Claudia V- I saw your link on my friends facebook page and just wanted to tell you that I really like your work. The story was hhot and this is definitely the kind of stuff I read. I'll definitely keep checking in and I hope you continue to post more. You're a great writer. Keep doin your thing hunnie. : )

D McKnight- Yes!!!!! She finally got a website. Thanks for being thoughtful enough to give us short stories while we wait for your book. I really enjoy your work, Tammy. You already know that. You're a very talented young woman. Showcase that talent girl. lol. Keep it up.

Rita W- Hey girly. I'm a writer too. I favorited your website. i really loved the short story. I hope you post more. I write paranormal romance and usually don't read erotica, but I thought it was very tastefully done and I loved how you used words other than the obvious p and d. it makes for a more tasteful read. I'm a fan. You've reeled me in. Please email me back, I'd love to network.

Larelle- Jabari reminds me of my husband. I’m going to start reading the Jabari articles to him as you post them. 

Cynthia D- The short story was excellent...I really enjoyed it and u are really talented!!!!

Carmen J- You don't know how happy my mother and I are to see that you have a website. Our only complaint is that you don't have enough up. lol. We're still standing behind you Tammy. Your stories are captivating, and the Jabari stories are hilarious. Keep em' coming. We'll stop begging when we get our copy of the book.

Evelyn E- I can't tell you how pleased I am with your decision to put up your own website. I will certainly be peeping in weekly to check out what's new. Your stories are excellent, you are improving a great deal as a writer, and believe me, Ms. Ferebee, you'll go far. Your talent certainly speaks for itself.

Lensay R- You really were born to I love your stories and come on, who wouldn't get a good laugh from those Jabari stories. Keep it Tammy. I'm so glad you found one place to put your work. I cannot figure out your account for the life of me.

Thierry A- i love the short stories; i'm not a big reader, but i just cant get enough. i love the twist in the second story. keep up the good work.

Tempest D- I love your work grrrrrllll!!! Keep posting.

Martin L- I am still the number 1 Jabari fan. And you are a woman of your word. These are much funnier than the originals. I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing.

Kahina H- Omg so I went back on the website to look at the comments section when I realized I didn't know what Jabari was? So i went back to look at the tabs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that section. Haha it like the perfect combo of deep/meaning but still in reality.amazing So proud to know a writer!! haha keep up the great work.

Gina M- Hi Tammy I never knew there was such talent beneath your shy personality. I am truly impressed with your writing skills and have enjoyed the short stories. Best regards and keep up the good work.

Derrick L- I do not even read like that but i'm feelin the stories. Shawty doin big thangs out here.

Cynthia M. D- WOWW!!! all I have to say is you've got talent girl. I really enjoyed the short stories and "Jabari" is off the chain. I will most certainly buy your books so keep up the good work and let me know when and where I can get that novel. Can't wait! Good luck, Tammy!!!

Lavan L- Its nice to read the work of a young woman that actually entertains men. I came across your website at work the other day and I've been checking in daily ever since. The short stories are phenominal and the Jabari section is my afternoon humor. Keep adding to the Jabari section. I told my co-workers and when the female coworkers complain, we tell them to go read Jabari. He’s the man. And it's funny because You're the mastermind behind Jabari. 

Tanika N- Wow, you are really talented. I used to love reading your blogs. I'm so glad you created a website so I can find everything in one place. I love your work Tammy. I'm in love with your Jabari section. More Jabari. Like 2 to 3 new ones a week. I've read the ones on there more than a few times. Love the humor.

Crystal H- I'm so in love with your writing, Tammy. You are so talented and I'm glad you're showing the talent off. Keep doing your thing. I love the website and will definitely be checking in regularly.


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Paula F- generally considered to be an innate, personal gift possessed by relatively few people. In essence, someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things. the sense of natural ability or not the same as skill, which is a learned process and one which is enhanced or inhibited by an underlying talent..... you, Tammy, have talent and more. Your writings show "creativity and charisma" and I look forward to reading them all.

Cynthia R- I love your stories. Please keep posting more.

Michelle V- I don't know if you remember me. I used to follow your blogs. Either way, I love the website and am still loving your work. I thought the short stories were excellent and well written. i thought Jabari was very original and very funny. I think what I love most is that in some way, shape, or form I can relate to your characters. i love that. You are something else ,Tammy. I'm so happy to see a young woman go after her dreams.

Demarco C- I pulled up your link on facebook and just wanted to leave a comment and show you some support. I don’t think I have to tell you that you’re an incredible writer. I loved the short stories. And just like most of your other visitors, I loved Jabari. It reminds me of me and my wife. Very funny. Keep writing and I’ll keep stopping by to read

Chelsea H- You're an amazing writer. Truly amazing. The first couple of times I stopped by your site, I only clicked on the short stories link, but today I clicked on Jabari. I am so fascinated with you ability to entertain. I'm not a huge reader, which is why I read only the short stories. But I keep checking in for new Jabari's. I love this man. He's funny, honest, and so real. I love your work.

Jerold P- Writer to writer, I think your work definitely has something special about it. I think your Jabari section is nothing short of genius. I love how you continue to speak to the reader. It makes me feel like I'm sitting at the bar having a pow wow with one of my Good work, Tammy. And the short stories were awesome as well.

Lamar R- You never seem to let me down. I've enjoyed everything that I've read so far and can't wait for my copy of the book.

Camilla D- Girl, Jabari is the man. That’s all I can say about him. And the short stories are off the chain. You already know. The T in Tammy is definitely for talent. I’m so proud of you.

Tiara D- All I can say is you have a gift girl. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Roberto G- You are a beautiful young woman with a hellova lot of talent. I'm so glad I clicked on your facebook link by mistake. I'll be checking in regularly for new updates.

Jonathan L- I’m impressed with everything. If I had to pick a favorite section, it’d be Jabari, but the short stories are still excellent. The salt thing had me rolling on the floor. You better know that I’m using that. Lol. Keep uploading them Ferebee. I’m bragging to everyone that I know a writer. A real writer. Lol So keep them coming because I’m spreading the word.

Anise H- Good work girl.

Allison C- Where do these ideas come from? You really amaze me, Tammy. I never knew you could write.  Glad I know now. 

Renee L- Good work.  Much better than I expected from such a young writer.

Ashley P- I love the short story "in love with a married man." It seemed real. I love how you took use thru the young woman Reese’s emotions. It was very believable. I love the way you write. Plz continue to give us more of your stories.

Naima C- Okay, I'm a writer and I take writing very seriously. If people write garbage, I tell them. Your stuff is really really really really good. I loved the short stories, especially the first one. And I really enjoyed the Jabari section. i actually laughed. The salt thing. Too funni. I'll keep reading your stuff. Check mine out too. Keep doin your thing girl. And hopefully we can network. ; )

Lynette D- I never knew you had a hidden talent. I would've never pegged you for a writer. Especially an edgy one. I'm impressed, Tammy. Your work is something special. Keep Posting. I enjoy your originality.

Dante J- My, my, my. I would've never thought shy Tammy would be such an incredible writer. And to write about the things you write about is what got me. I’m shocked but i'm also impressed. I read everything and was scrolling down for more. You got me. I’m loving your work. So that means you gotta keep posting. Don’t let me down. Lol

Janice H- I love your work girl. The short stories need to be turned into books. All three of them. Keep posting please.

Quinton M- I finally got a chance to take a look at your site. And I loved it. I love that you're showing the world that you can write more than just erotica. Jabari is on point. The humor is there, it's realistic, and it's a man. It gives your male readers someone to identify with. And the short stories are just excellent. The third one shocked me. I love that you're taking risks. You're a writer, Tammy. That's all there is to it. You're a writer.

Shamyce J- girl, i was going crazy last week. i keep forgetting to leave a comment. but I was like where is my man jabari. i loved this entry. this is the funniest one yet. i am still laughing. men act like they’re not afraid of mice. Ha yeah right. great post. and I swear my husband thinks you’re writing about

Courtney C- I visited your site the first week you put it up, but then I lost your URL. I’m so glad I found it and had a bulk of stuff to read. You don’t need to be told that Jabari is the man. Funny, funny, funny. I love that he loves his family so much. He still a man and sounds like a manly man, but he loves his girls and his poor wife drives him crazy. I just love it. It’s nice to read about a couple and they’re not hating each other. I can see myself driving a man crazy like that one And I loved the short stories too.

Ronald B- I don’t usually do the comment thing, but I think you deserve one. Your writing is definitely for men and women, and I love that. The writers market is usually just for women and it’s nice to read unisex work. Does that make sense? I hope I don’t sound crazy. But I enjoyed the short stories very much. I enjoyed Jabari as well. I like that you’re telling the truth about how women can drive men crazy. I love it especially coming from a woman.


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Dallas P- You are really talented. I like the stories you put up.

Michael C- I saw your link on and thought I’d see what you’re followers are blogging about. Good stuff. I enjoyed reading your work. I’d like to network and am actually looking forward to your book.

Shawnta D- I really didn’t know what to expect from such a young writer, but I’ll read anything once. And I haven’t stopped looking in on your site. You are a very talented young woman. Your stories are interesting and well written. Your third story was personal for me because I was close to someone dealing with a similar problem. I like that what you write about is realistic. Things don’t always end the way we’d like for them to. We hope they do, but that’s not life. And I enjoy reading more realistic stories. Good work, sweetheart. Please keep posting and keeping going after your dreams.

Kaissa D- Enjoyed the first story. it could be turned into a crazy a** soap opera episode. I really enjoy your character in the story. You were able to capture the feelings of the other woman and i found that captivating. Make sure you invite me to the book release parties ;)

Gina L- okay... tammy's a writer. i didn't see that coming. lol. and a damn good writer. all i can say is, you go girl. you're doing big things and i can't even hate. the stories were bomb. i read every one of them. jabari is funny. i was looking for more of jabari. everything was great. fav has to be the salt and mouse story. funny guy. lol. keep doing your thing babe.

Faith R- i thought your short stories were awesome. the twist in the second was very funny and unexpected. i love being surprised in readings. the third story was deep but i loved it. and of course i loved the first. i could feel every emotion that girl felt. moving onto jabari. what can you say about this character? AWESOME!!!!!!! jabari is hilarious, honest, real, just the man. i think you're an amazing talent tammy. please keep posting

Alex P- hi tammy. i just wanted to say that i really enjoy your work. specifically jabari. i love to read humourous stories and jabari is my weekly fix. i hope you continue to post. i was so disappointed to see that you didn't post last week, but after the mouse story i forgave you. : ) good work

Cynthia J- hey tammy. i hope the name rings a bell. we used to follow each others blogs on livejournal. anyway, i'm so glad i tracked you down. i was wondering what happened to Jabari. glad to see ur still writing it. he's hilarious. you have to laugh while writing those. but i just wanted to drop you a line, let you know i still love your work. the short stories, very good. overall, ur an extremely talented young woman. i think you know that though.

Olivia C- hey hun. i'm a writer too. i saw your link on and thought id take a look. hands down, you're very talented. i loved the short stories. loved them. LOVED them! i kept scrolling down, but there were only 3. : ( keep putting more up cause i'm waiting. lol. but forreal, your work is really good. Oh, and i loved the Jabari section too.

Chris D- Good stuff. Real talk

Danita R- okay, this was my first visit to your site. and wow. Jabari is funny as (dont wanna be cussin on the site you know)But yea, too funny. I seriously cracked up. I think ur a great writer. u should definitely keep postin. The short stories were good too. everything was good. i loved it all.

Tiffany W- Reading through your website, I became even more impressed by your work. I believe your creative ideas definitely has what it takes to keep your readers engaged. I applaud you Tammy, I really do. You have the strength and talent to really touch the lives of others through your writing.

Cynthia J- Girl, where do i begin. first and foremost, you are mad talented. no surprise there right? lol and the short stories are so different but so captivating. Jabari. Oh man. jabari. this guy is hilarious. i love jabari. read those a couple of times. keep postin. i'm 110% hooked. you like how i borrowed your title right. Lol

Tami N- Saw blogs about your site on livejournal and was excited to read some of your work. I'm really impressed. (my namesake lol). I love your work. Your style is perfect for the things you write about.

Melissa G- I'm not the comment type, but i couldn't not let you know how talented you are. i think a lot of african american authors are falling off, but i can tell by the stuff you write about that your book is going to be deep and original. i applaud you babe. i really do. you look really young, but your talent speaks for itself and its speaking loud. keep postin. i'll keep checking in.

Destiny L- I don't know who told you they needed to get their thoughts together and figure out what kind of comment to leave cause your stories are off the effing chain. so serious. and jabari. hilarious. i love that your short stories are more serious, but jabari is funny. showin off your different sides. i like it. thats whats up. keep postin. and get that book out. Asap

Jamal R- So I finally got a minute to take a look at your website. I dont know what i expected. It wasn't what i read tho. the first story was good. second good. the third was some serious stuff. i can respect that you dont play it safe. you know im all about puttin out the real sh*t. keep doin you. your work is good.

Michelle S- I'm in love with your work. I can't wait to read your book.

Leonard P- I peeped your link on and said what the hell, let me see what all the fuss is about. you've displayed some really good work. the short stories were excellent. i'm not even sure if excellent does your work justice. and jabari was funny as hell. I'm a man. A strong man, and sweetheart, I'm not touching a mouse either lol

Sean R- You are a very beautiful young lady and a talented writer. I'm not big on fiction, but I try to give all writers a chance. Im happy I stopped by your site. Your third story was heavy. I really enjoyed reading your work.


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Valencia C- WOW!!!!! That's all I can say

Edward G- your work is amazing. i read your entire website. without a doubt, i know you'll be a success. talent like this won't go unnoticed. Good work, beautiful, keep it up.

Barbara N- I haven’t checked in since my first visit and I was so happy to see new work. Your second story had a great twist at the end. I didn’t see that coming. The third was more serious, but it was nice to see you take that challenge. Jabari is soooo funny, Tammy. I read that on my lunch break and just couldn't stop laughing. I think it was brilliant to write it from a man’s point of view. Know that myself and my coworkers all read your work. Together we all would like to say that we've enjoyed all your postings and we are so looking forward to that book. Good luck. We know you'll make it

Kennedy B- i don't think what i'm about to say is any different from what others have said, but i'm going to write it anyway. I gotta support my fellow AA writers. YOU ARE AWESOME. your short stories blew me away. And after the last one, i needed a laugh. and Jabari did just that. you had me and my pops crackin up. if you got my dad to laugh, or even listen, you can write. we love you, Tammy. More, More, More. SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Sylvia Y- i'm in awe. (ive always wanted to say that) lol. you are so talented. i give you two thumbs up only cause i got two hands. but if i could, i'd give you fifty. good work!

Dominique D- i don't know where your ideas come from but what you write about and the way you write make you an amazing talent. i read everything on your site in one sitting. i'm so glad you wrote a book. i'm dying to know what thats going to be about.

David C- i enjoy writing myself, but i'm not much of a reader. sounds crazy i know. but your work is extremely captivating. the third story was deep. i loved them all, but the third one, people do things like that every day. keep writing about reality and you'll go far. now onto jabari. you're quite the comedian. i thought jabari was extremely funny from the very first entry. sounds like my wife driving me up the damn wall. keep postin. i've favorited you

Ashley J- There are not too many writers that can keep my attention, but girl your work is---I don't even know. It's that good. I think the best thing about you is your originality. I've never read a blog like Jabari before and your third story was so touching for me. I have my own personal story that i don't even want to get into, but when you can touch people the way you do, you have a gift. I loved everything Tammy. Get that book out soon girl.

Sharee L- "you asked about a special guy. you never asked about a special girl." lol LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Miss Tammy, you just might be one of my favorite writers. I'm so loving your site. And hunnie, my husband wouldn't have even gone into the bathroom after the thing. lol. please keep posting. this is me begging lol.

Denise S- i loved your work. i loved the short stories. i loved jabari. i loved everything lmbo. and as a writer, i appreciate you offering advice that you know for a fact is so important. i wish you nothing but the best. u are gonna make it.

DeLisa N- So you can I seriously can't wait for your book now.

Shay M- girl i'm so glad you got a website. is blowing my life lol. so what did i think. i so seriously love you tammy. oh, and your work lol. i think you have hella talent and that writing is really ur thing. the short stories were so so so so so good. I was dying for another one, but i know you got other things going on. just post something when you get a minute. i'm missing jabari and i need a few new stories. i'll leave you alone when i get a copy of the book.

Ashley C- Why were you afraid to share your work? i think you are so talented. girl be proud to show your talent off. you are a really great writer tammy.

Angela H- Tammy, I thought these were excellent samples to share with your readers. I think it was very smart of you to show your different sides as a writer. I'm impressed and you know I never say that if I don't mean it.

Nehemiah L- so this is what writers look like nowadays. Maybe I should start reading a little more often. but seriously i liked reading your stories. i think people are going to buy your book. good work. i would read your stuff any day.

Deborah T- Let me tell you something Tammy. I am a reader and I do mean a serious reader. If I'm not in love with the first page, I'm done. You have to grab my interest immidiately. Lucky for you, you did that. I think you are a gifted writer. I read everything, even your about me section. I loved every short story and every jabari blog. You are incredibly talented. Your about me section was cute and I think you're just a doll. A talented doll that is. You've won me over. I'm a loyal reader. So Miss Writer, get that book out. Don't tease. Lol

Ashley A- this is my first visit to your site. i saw a rave for your site on craigslist. you seem like a very serious writer. i'm glad you are putting your work out there even though your book isnt out yet. please keep posting. i love your work. its exciting, captivating, funny, entertaining, everything you need in a good read.

Connie W- Now those are what i call stories. You are not an aspiring writer. Boo, you ARE a writer!!!!! i love your work. i read everything. Some of your stuff, I read it more than once. I loved it all. I'm waiting for new posts.

Jasmine C- WHOA!!!!! The best friend’s father. OMG. I was like who is this chick she’s getting into bed with. Nice twist at the end. I really liked this story. I couldn’t figure out who she was worried about hearing her. I love your stories Tammy. I’m def a fan.

Karesha J- girl your stories are the ish. if you stop posting ima find you and lock you in a room with nothing but a computer. lls. you got some serious talent girl. that book of yours is going to be a bestseller.

Jacinda L- Oh girl. That fourth story was hotttttt!!!! I couldn’t figure out who was across the hall, but when I found out I was like Damn. lol. Loved it tho. I think the fourth story is my favorite. I was so into this story. And the shock at the end had me laughing and blown all at the same time. I love your work tammy. I don’t even read like dat but I can’t wait to get my hands on your book.


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Kenard C- you have very interesting ideas. That’s a good thing though. It makes your stories funner reads. Your  pictures look so innocent. I wasn’t expecting those kinds of stories. 

Ida B- ROTFLMBO. story four is where its at. All of the storys were good, but that one was the best in my opinion. I think there was a shocker in every story, but u have to turn the fourth one into a book. seriously. i read that one like 3 times. So serious. You should definitely develop these characters and make this a book. 

William B- I decided to take a look at your site since you follow my blogs. I’ll be honest and let you know that I’m quite impressed. I didn’t expect such quality writing from someone your age. I enjoyed the stories and blogs very much. As I’m sure you could tell from my blog entries, I’m into humor. As no surprise to you I’m sure, I favor Jabari which was really quite funny. I’ll stop being an old hater as you so put it. You are a talented young woman Tammy.

Jack C- You are very talented Tammy. Your ideas and your personal style of writing make you unique. Thank you for allowing me to read your work. I will certainly keep stopping by to read new submissions.

Taylor R- you really got me with the twists in a couple of your stories.  I love your work girl.

Cynthia H- i am so glad i followed the link on your author advance page. those stories kept me from eating my lunch grrl. my attention was glued to this site. I couldn’t even get the fork to my mouth. lol. but seriously, you are so talented. your work is more than captivating. im defiantly a fan. i cant wait to read more

Melinda C- Let me just sum it up in three words for you- "YOU ARE AWESOME"

Jasmyn R- WOW. Her friends pops. That’s crazy. I was hoping  to see more, but I know how busy you must be with your book and all. Your stories are good tho. Post more when you get a chance. Hopefully that’ll be soon. :)

Andreana G- i keep forgetting to leave comments. but not this time lol. so about the short stories. i LOVED them! all of them. They’re so original and I got into each one. i love the surprises at the end of your stories. Now for Jabari. First off, I love this name. and I love these entries. they’re so funny. Jabari is the guy all imperfect women need. he loves his wife, but she drives that man crazy and hes still there.

Michael R- Finally another Jabari lol. I’ve been waiting. I read them to my wife because she reminds me of Talia. I thought entry 7 was so funny because I could see my wife trying that. Only she wouldn’t tell me. I would just walk in and see the meeting going on. Very funny, Tammy. I think Talia is just as interesting as Jabari. However you centering the entries around him is smart. Jabari shows a lot. It shows a man in a good relationship, who loves his wife, but simply has to deal with some of her craziness. I love that it’s not man bashing or even woman bashing. I love this section. 

Abebe F-You are so talented. I love all you work but your short stories are my favorites. Omg, mystery man is crazy. I almost fell out my seat when I realized who he was. Keep bringin it tammy. Represent for young African American woman. This is talent. 

Stephanya J- girl I been following your work since you were blogging on livejournal.I don’t have to make this a page long. You’re incredible and you know it. 

Simone C- lmao@ she would organize a transgender’s day parade. I could so see myself obsessing over the same things talia does. She just wants to help. geez jabari. lol. My husband would’ve said hell no too though. 

Renee H- you write on such controversial subjects. I’ve been waiting to see post about your new story, but since you haven’t posted any new comments yet, I thought I’d be the first. I thought it was so sad, but such an interesting scenario. One sis who can’t conceive and the other conceiving too much. I read it a couple of times. I’m not sure what my feelings are on it, but the story is stuck in my head. I’m for pro-choice. But given Seanna’s situation, I can’t sympathize. I don’t know. It’s hard not to judge. I enjoyed all your work. Very interesting ideas and stories Tammy.

LaKevia U- I really liked Sister, Sister. I think you are gonna get mixed opinions about it, but it shows two different points of view. I do think too many girls use that as a BC method. But on the other hand, women have the right to do with their body whatever they please. I did feel bad for the older sister tho. To see your sis doing that over and over and you can’t get preggos even once. That’s sad. But as always, good work. I love that you take risks cause I’m sure a lot of people are going to have mixed feelings about the last story.

Sheryl D- Your story ‘Sister, Sister’ was so personal for me. Due to medical reasons, I can’t have children of my own. I adopted my daughter 24 years ago, and while I love her, I do not love a lot of the unhealthy decisions she’s made. I believe in pro-choice, but as you mentioned in the story, abortion should not be used as a method of birth control. As a married women now, my daughter is having trouble conceiving because of the past decisions she’s made. Young women such as Seanna in your story fail to take responsibility for their actions. And that’s unfortunate because at some point, your body forces you to pay for it. My daughter and I were very moved by your story.  Good work Tammy.


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Ashley C- Wow! You are touching on so many controversial issues. I love it. No matter what you write, it doesn’t offend people. I love your work Tammy. You are fearless with your writing which makes for an amazing talent.

Brittney D- OMG get that novel out girl. You can seriously write. I LOVE your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warren A- My wife usually reads these, but i finally got a chance to check them out. fuuny stories. i see why my wife reads your work. she's talia's twin lol. "belly flop" that had me rolling. i'll keep checking in. word of mouth is definitely working in your favor. good work and great short stories.

Nevaeh L- OMG… “a belly flop on the windshield.” The imagery is priceless. Tammy start posting a Jabari every day. Pleeeassseee!!! Effin Hialrious. No other way to put it. “Someones prison girlfriend.” I love this guy

Nina B- okay Jabari is off da chain. ctfu. 

Carlos G- okay so I read almost everything. Im still working on the short stories. But Jabari is my favorite. If I read anything that makes me laugh, I’m hooked. 

Oliver D- I read the Jabari post on your wall and decided to check out the rest. They do get funnier by the entry. I enjoyed each one. My favorite was probably the salt. I’m planning on doing that to my wife. Hehe. 

Carlene J- I love your voice. Every writer has a unique voice and yours shines through in everything you write. There is no other blog like Jabari out there. I was reading your most recent entry and just laughed. “belly flop” is what makes the whole story. Its actually a sad situation, but to picture this bigger woman jumping, all limbs stretched out and landing on Jabari’s windshield made me laugh until the tears came out.

Aaron B- Talia sounds a lot like my wife. She’d have made me turn around too. I guess I fall in with your other readers because the term belly flop makes you think of a fat man at the pool. To transfer the thought to this particular scenario does make the laughter come. I adore you as an artist and your talent. I’m behind you, Tammy. You will succeed.

Sheila P- I didn’t realize you had a website. Your is hard to track. Well it might just be me. lol. I love your work. I wouldn’t be commenting if I didn’t. your characters are so relatable. Jabari is exactly what I’m looking for in terms of evening comedy so that means you need to post more often. 

Veronica G- I don’t know what makes Jabari so funny, but he is hilarious. I didn’t think it could get funnier than the salt story, but then came the mouse and then crazy talia trying to help too much, and the suicidal. Your stories are written so that I can see what’s going on. That’s why the belly flop comment made your last entry.

Uma C- You have my support as a writer. Your short stories are incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been so taken by such young talent.

Kim J- I just started following your site so I’m not sure what some of the other readers are referring to just yet. Your short stories are incredible. Jabari is an unexpectedly funny blog. I didn’t expect it to be so comical, but its such a smooth read. I can’t really explain. I can almost hear this guy explaining these crazy scenarios to me. sounds weird? I know. But I love it. Good work hun. 

Naima C- Frenemies broke my heart. I know exactly what Lynette feels like. I had a friend like that. All you can do is pray for her. But it does hurt to be in a friendship like that. I know every girl who reads this will either be able to relate or will step back and say, ‘damn, that’s me’ I love your work tammy. You continue to touch me.

Andrea S- I actually just experienced the skipping of the birthday thing. My girl didn’t make plans though. She just totally carried me all together. My birthday came and she called and that was it. I turned 21 and celebrated with the fam. People don’t realize how much shit like that hurts. She stopped talkin to me after I skipped her birthday, but hey what goes around comes around. I love you tammy. and for your sake, I hope the story was fiction.

Darnisha T- I’ve been reading your work for a while, but I always forget to comment. This last post like really made me feel bad. Its been years now, but I used to be that girl. I never reciprocated. I didn’t realize how many people I probably hurt until just now. Most of my friends and I lost touch, but now I wonder why. And you r right tammy. It stems from insecurities and unhappiness. I used to be a lot bigger than my high school best friend and I think maybe I hated her more than I loved her. Secretly though. And honestly, she was good to me. I feel really bad, but reading that will make me pay attention to how I treat my current friends. 

Nara H- wow, great stories tammy. Frenemies is so personal. I think we all have a friend who hurt us, but this character made me want to cry. Like she loves this girl so much. She’s better than me though cause that love would’ve died right after the birthday thing. : /

Frankie J- My daughter experiences stuff like that. That’s why I always tell her to watch who she tells her business to. You never know who’s disguising their jealousy for you. Some people talk too much and others just put your business out there to hurt you. A sad story, but the main reason why women befriend men.

Ashley K- yup, Frenemies happens to the best of us. I have a friend like that now. I’m just bout to make her read this and see if she gets my big hint.

Alexis D- Frenemies felt so personal. There is nothing like a friend airing your dirty laundry. Been there experienced that. When girls talk, it’s never supposed to leave the circle.

Nina W- Tammy you are sooo TALENTED!! Just reading "Sister, Sister" alone made me feel like I was in Seanna's position. And that is what being an author is about. Stepping back as the narrator and letting the reader take a step in to see what the character is really feeling. You have a God-given gift hun!! !!!! Love ya Lots!!=)

Amanda C- Hi Tammy. I’m new to your work. I heard about you from a coworker and took a look at your site on my lunch break. I enjoyed this lunch break more than I usually do. Your work is much more entertaining than Maury. Great short stories and what a funny blog. I’ll keep checking in. Good luck in your writing career. I’ll definitely spread the word. 

Brooklyn- My friend shouted you out on facebook, so I thought I’d check out the site. I didn’t expect variety. The first story was sexy, so I expected the rest to be. I’m glad they weren’t. Not saying the first story was bad. It was really good. I’m just saying that reading the same thing can bore anyone. Sex, sex, sex. Or constant violence, whatever. I loved the variety and mostly the originality. Your work is amazing and I’ll definitely be shouting you out next. Good luck

Victoria C- My daughter welcomed me to your site. I was hesitant. I’ve read the work of some young authors and the profanity alone can force you to turn away. I am very impressed with what I’ve seen from you. The stories definitely drew me in and the characters were very relatable. I’m very interested to see your novel. You’re a talented young woman.

Megan B- I really enjoy your work Tammy. Some of your short stories tip toe on some dangerous lines. Especially Sister, Sister. I love that though. Don’t be afraid to write about anything.

Phillip H- I try to follow the writers that follow me. Not just as a thank you, but also to show support. I planned on just reading one story, but I ended up reading everything. Amazing work and incredible talent.


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Lori H- I love your writing. I'd love to see your novel. Keep writing!!

Terica L- Hello I am a coworker of ur husband T...ur writing is wonderful. the story with the married man is the truth. I was in the same position and it’s the truth.

Brandie D- Well as I’ve told you many times on your writers-network account, you are a great writer. I just got around to reading Frenemies and my mouth just fell open. I had to think for a sec. Am I in the same type of relationship with my bestie. I swear the whole one sided thing is sounding too familiar and she’s a bit of a blabber mouth like shawty in your story. This really made me think. I might have to keep a closer eye on her. You got me worried tammy lol

Denae P- I saw your link on my friends facebook page and finally got a minute to read some of your stuff. i loved your story in love with a married man. I think you did a great job capturing Reese’s feelings. I really enjoyed this story. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Clarence R- I’m in love with you Tammy! Seriously! Its one thing to have talent, but your story ideas are what help make you so great. I feel like you write just for me when I read your work. I know the agent process is frustrating and exhausting. (saw your post on But please hold out. Do the world a favor and continue blessing us with your work.

Fabeni O- I love that no matter what you write about somebody can relate to it. Your last few stories were very serious and I enjoyed them a lot. 

C.J Burgess- you’re amazing tammy. The reason I read you work is because you never play it safe. I like people who can step out of the box. You’re original and you have a voice. I keep telling you to take the word aspiring down. You’re already a writer. The big houses just haven’t picked you up yet.

Patrice F- I love your stories. I didn’t realize you had a site up until yesterday. I was only familiar with your blog and the few stories on I’m glad I tracked you down. I love your work.

Brian F- I thought you up and disappeared on me. Glad I found your site. Nothing new in me telling you that I love your work. I’m just waiting for a copy of the book. You’re still wonderful, Tammy.

Cheryl C- This was my first visit to your site. I don’t usually leave comments but I think you deserve one. I loved every post. They were all very interesting, very relatable, and so unique. I enjoy your surprises. I read all your posts and can’t wait for new ones.

Pamela S- I’ll admit I’m not too into the younger authors. For one I never get the slang. And two, the profanity and extreme erotica is too much for old bones like myself. I was very skeptical about reading your work, but my co-worker insisted. I am happy to report that I am very impressed. You are very talented, a little risky too, but overall an incredible writer. Excuse me, author. I am looking forward to reading more from you Tammy.

Professor C.H Reed- Ms. Ferebee, as promised, my comment. You were a joy to have in class and your work is a great joy to read over my breaks. When you teach, you come across so many different types of people. Some talented, some not. Its students that shine those bright lights that you never have to say goodbye to. That’s because you know at some point you’ll bump into them at a book festival, see their work stocked at Borders, or have that website you can regularly check into. Your bright light outshines so many, young lady. As I always tell you; you were born to succeed.

Stephanie A- I’m still in love with your work Tammy. Frenemies touched me girl. Just like most girls, I’ve experienced something similar. That’s exactly why I don’t bang with girls like that. But anyway, that’s why I love your work. I can always relate.

Brittney B- I love your stories grrrl. I don’t have no favorites cause I love them all. And Jabari is a damn mess. I did the salt thing to my man. lmao. Grrrl keep the ideas coming. He hasn’t been sippin my drinks since. 

Cashmere L- You are my favorite networking writer. I love that we can keep shit real for each other. I appreciate all your support love. And as for you… you still on my tops. I got so much love for you and your writing Tammy. Keep doing it.  

Eason D- I’m new to your short stories. I didn’t know you wrote anything other than the Jabari blog. I guess your just an all around writer. Your short stories are exceptional. And you already know, I love Jabari. I love that a woman, a black woman at that, can admit to how crazy you guys drive men. Lol

Asia F- Look Tammy, give me the number to the people you want to publish your book. There is no way someone with as much talent as you should be waiting to get published. And I’m tired of waiting for this book. I need to read this book!!!! But in the meantime, I’ll take some new short stories lol

Patricia J- oooohh HOT. I can't believe she was dreaming. I was like shawdie gettin all into it. Damn I know she was blown her husband woke her up. lol. Love it girl. I LOVE all your work

Anthony G- YES!!!!! finally a lesbian story. you know I been waiting lol.

Lamar R- I find you to be one of the most fascinating women I know. To be so young, so talented, and so ambitious is still surprising to me. You are an amazing writer, and as just as many of your other readers feel, I know you and success won’t be heading in opposite directions.

Steven C- this had me cracking the hell up. Tissue hanging from her ass. And screaming at moms to not touch her. I love your short stories, but you do something special with Jabari. Your blog is hilarious. 

Naima C- I am still laughing. I could see any father reacting like that. It’s so cute and innocent but I completely get Jabari. As a mom, I would’ve freaked out too. But wait until he takes her potty in public, he’s going to wish he never reacted like that.

Candice P-  So I’m positive that I’m your biggest Jabari fan. This post is my favorite. All kids do that and I’m sure dad’s everywhere have done that lol. Poor Talia. I know for a second she was like what the hell. But the funniest part was the I told you so, and the tissue hanging out her ass. Effing hilarious. I love you tammy. 

Martin L-  now that was funny. I’m a father and I think I would’ve reacted the same way. The funny part was when he said just let her do it. And after she does and they see the tissue, he’s like damn. Talia doesn’t even need words. Moms always win. But Jabari’s still the man.


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Carmen J- Wow, Tammy. Secret Desires was hot. I never saw you writing a Lesbian story. Lol. I love the ending, though. I love that even after we figure out that she was dreaming that shes not even afraid to try something new. Shes afraid of liking women too much. Classic, babe. I still love your work and have read everything you’ve given me the opportunity to read.

Hollyn C- yay, finally another post. I had a Jake in my life. I’m sure we all have. But some Jakes are trainable lol. I trained mine lmao. I know your work is fiction, but ur stories always remind me of something in my life. Love your work tammy. Get that book out please!!!!

Kisha J- So your defiantly still my favorite writer. I can totally relate to your last story, An Affair to Forget. We all get that one guy who messes up something good and can’t take being cut off. Great story miss Tammy. I also just got caught up in Jabari. That last post was hilarious. I could so see my babyfatha doing the same thing lol. Keep posting girl. And keep up with my blog too girly

Amber T- Thank you for all your support on my blog. It’s been amazing to network with you. I still want to write a blog together one day.

Elisha R- I’ve been keeping up with your updates on I hope you r feeling better. I’ve been waiting for posts I didn’t realize that I missed an affair to forget. I thought this story was weirdly funny. funny because women shouldn’t be cheating anyway, but funnier because the sex sucked. I liked how you took a common story and flipped it. Everyone thinks affair sex will be so great. I loved how you made it suck. Maybe people will think twice before cheating. I mean it can’t always be good.

Zekia A- “false advertisements” that’s funny. I haven’t met one man yet that hasn’t lied about what he’s capable of in the bedroom. Keep posting tammy and keep telling it like it is.

La’Rae S- Ive never read any of your work until today. I think your short stories are fit to make a collection. They are so good. I read them back to back to back. I also read jabari and this guy is just too much. I couldn’t stop laughing at the salt entry and the mouse in my house entry. I’m worried that my fiancé may try something like that on me. I definitely drink from his cup all the time lol.

David J- I finally got back around to your site. My thoughts, my thoughts lol. Same as before. You either make me laugh, surprise me, make me, I don’t know. You make something lol. Good work tammy. You know I love your work.

Michelle- Thank you for all your comments. I feel the same way about your work. Seriously, I’m not just saying that. I really love your style of writing. You touch people. I’m thrilled we network together. You’ve been so helpful to me tammy. Bless you. You’re the greatest.

Jonathan E- I know it has been a long time since we talked but im always checking up on your site and reading the great stories. Keep up the good work and im looking forward to seeing your work on the new york times bestseller list.

Denise I-  finally another story… dang tammy lol. I loved Family Affair. As always another homerun. You know what I like to read and that’s why you write these stories for me. I’m looking for the next one. I want to see it soon or Im gon have to start leaving dirty comments on your wall lol. Just joking. As always, great work.

Cynthia J- I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling so good. I’ve been following your posts on your other sites. I’m hoping you’re feeling a little better. and I’m sooo happy to see a new post. I loved family affair. So much DRAMA!!! Just how I like it. Keep writing, and more importantly, take care of yourself little lady.

Samantha D- I find not just your work fascinating, but you as well for having such a creative imagination. I loved every story. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Secret Desires. wink wink.

Devon L- SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still so in love with you tammy. i always look forward to your surprise endings. damn, just when you think he's perfect. went down with no trouble. thats funny tho. and he thought he did something lmfao. love your work. stop teasing tho. give us more.

Sincere N- Merry Christmas to me lol. I'm so glad you posted something new. I loved it. Congrats on your beautiful son. I'm looking forwrad to reading more

Sean D- I'm fairly new to so I'm not as familiar with your work as the other readers, but I definitely enjoyed the short stories. I actually fell in love with Its Called Love. Being a gay male and coming from a conservative family, I felt as though I was reading my own story. I think you're very talented. I'll be checking back in.

Andrea C- And here comes Miss 5 stars after how long lol. Great comeback Tammy. Its good to read something new from you. Not that I dont enjoy your short stories, but where is my man Jabari?????????

Dustin L- I love your work Tammy. I didn't realize you had a separate site. Glad I found it. And even more happy that you cleared up a lot of those white male stereotypes. 

Anise H- Theres nothing like reading a good story to get your day going. Welcome back Miss Ferebee. I loved Jungle Fever. I wanted to laugh but couldn't because it unfortunately reminded me of an unpleasant encoumter from the past. But as always two thumbs up. Where is Jabari at though Tammy??? I need him back in my life.

Cashmere L- Finallyyyy!!!!! Another story. lol. I'm so happy you're back at it.

James A- Welcome back tammy. i was hoping to see a Jabari, but you know I'm happy seeing anything from you. I loved Jungle Fever and as always enjoyed the surprise ending. Nothings perfect in this world huh? lol. I'm waiting for the next one.

Lensay R- I smiled as soon as I saw your name under the five stars. God forgive me, but I started reading this in church. I didn't read the whole thing when I saw where it was going, but I was excited to read from you again. I loved Jungle Fever. I laughed so hard at the end. 

Fatimah S- Theres so much I could say about you Tammy. You are incredibly talented, creative, and inspiring. Your stories touch people, make people laugh, feel something inside. I truly enjoyed my visit to your site. I prefer to read from diverse writers like yourself.

David D- You just never know what to expect from tammy ferebee. welcome back, baby. I got some new stories for you too. Missed you.

Balbina Y- Hi Tammy, I've read a couple of your short stories and they are great! Your writing has a wonderful flow and the sentences aren't choppy or awkward at all. Even the short sentences add to whatever effect you are trying to portray to the reader. Also, the characters are all so different and that makes your stories even more enjoyable to read. I'll definitely be reading more in the future; keep it up!


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