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Jabari- How Do I Look?
Written By: Tammy Ferebee

        I guess the most appropriate thing to do is introduce myself. My name is Jabari. Odd some say. I don’t agree. I consider my name to be unique. Just like my personality. So who is this man with the unique personality? Good question. And you’ll have your answer if you continue to read. That’s right. You heard me. Keep reading. One thing I’ll let you in on right away is…I have a family. No need to keep them a secret. My girls are lovely. My daughter’s in her toddler stage. Not much more to say about that. She’s a great kid. A great big headache. My wife, a few years younger than myself, is in her early twenties. There’s a lot I could say about this character. I’ll start with the good. I always go for the good especially if I know there’s bad things to say. That’s called smart ladies. We men, already know that once you hear the bad, you’re gonna start running your damn mouths. I know the brothas are nodding right now. Cause they know it’s the truth.  So after you finish yelling our heads off because we tell you about your flaws, you can sit down for a minute, shut the hell up, and realize that there’s plenty we love about your crazy asses. Now…back to my wife…
        Talia. That’s my wife’s name. It’s not pronounced Tal-ya. It’s pronounced. Ta-lee-yah. Get it right. Sound it out. That’s another thing she doesn’t like. She calls people ignorant when they can’t pronounce her name. I call her parents ignorant. If they wanted it pronounced Ta-lee-ya, they should’ve spelled it differently. But I’ll be quiet. No need in starting that fight. So about my wife. She’s pretty. Needless to say. I wouldn’t marry an unattractive woman. A-hoo-hoo-hoo. (in the Danny Zuko voice) If you don’t know who that is, go rent Grease, you loser. And don’t look at the page like that. Yeah I’m black, and I watch grease. It’s a classic. Damn!
        So I’m married to Talia. She’s smart, funny, driven, talented, and like I said pretty. Great body even after pushing out my daughter. One thing did change though. My wife has stretch marks. I never thought they’d be this big of a deal, but I’ve learned that they are. My wife walked up to me today in her bra and panties. When I saw her, I immediately thought, oh yeah, I’m about to get some of that. I mean come on brothas, wouldn’t you think the same thing. Of course you would. Moving on… she walks over to me and asks, how do I look? With little to no blood left in my brain, I just nod. She asks louder, a second time. Her tone revealing frustration. I explain to her that I think she looks sexy. Her expression showed me that she didn’t agree. She called me a liar and went on to complain about these damn stretch marks that I didn’t even notice. I’m sitting there listening to my wife slowly become a mad woman. Believe me, my blood made its way back to my brain. After she walked off to sulk in the bedroom, I researched stretch marks online. Guess what? They never totally go away. Great. I have to deal with this foolishness forever. My only question about this is, why ask? Why ask me how I think you look if you’re not going to believe what I tell you? 


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